Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween at BGA As we near the end of October, the halls of BGA are adorned with orange pumpkins, black cats, and leaves of every color. There’s no denying it, Halloween is just around the corner! Children are asking, “what are you going to be?” while teachers are planning Halloween parties for their rooms. We’re…

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Bilingualism and Memory

Bilingualism and Memory   As more and more of the world becomes multilingual, researchers are examining how knowing more than one language affects the brain. One aspect of this neurological research seeks to understand how being bilingual relates to one’s memory. This has been evaluated in both the short term relationship and the lifelong relationship…

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Family Engagement

Family Engagement: Parents and Teachers Coming Together  Teachers and TA’s at our school take a variety of courses to gain certification hours. One  course that they may become certified in discusses the importance of family engagement in a  child’s education. In that training, different resources and strategies are shared as ways for our  teachers to…

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Bilingualism, Attention, and the Simon Effect 

Bilingualism, Attention, and the Simon Effect  If you’re considering bringing your child to our institution or if your child is involved in our institution, you are likely aware of the cognitive, social, and emotional benefits that come with being bilingual. This is the first of many blog posts that will attempt to further illustrate these…

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Look Before You Lock

CONSEJOS DE SEGURIDAD KidsAndCars.org cree que la solución a estas tragedias, definitivamente evitables, es una combinación de educación y tecnología. KidsAndCars.org desea que todos los vehículos estén equipados con un sistema que alerte al conductor si un niño todavía está dentro del vehículo. A continuación se presentan algunos consejos simples que los padres y cuidadores…

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CPR Training for Adults and Children

This past weekend, many teachers in our program attended a CPR and first aid training certification course. Coming in on Saturday morning, the teachers began learning about a litany of lifesaving techniques to implement in the event of a handful of scenarios. In addition to learning how to do compressions, save someone who’s choking, and…

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teacher teaching children

Do you have to be bilingual to attend this school?

No, many children come from families that do not speak any Spanish. This is a great environment for those who do not have a second language at home to be introduced to one. Also, we have some children whose first language is something other than English, and they learn English from BGA!

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Daily Routines in Classes

Kindergarten students from Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School demonstrate and describe the daily activities. Some of these activities include morning meeting, calendar, centers, behavior, recess, reading, field trips, and specials.

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cutting a sheet of paper

Kindegarten Acitivities

Maybe you have a classroom full of kindergarteners who are eager and ready to learn. Or, perhaps you’re just looking for a few ideas to keep your little learner busy after school. Whatever you’re in search of, these kindergarten activities are the perfect way to help kids master key skills. Our hands-on science activities will pique…

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playing with some dough

Teaching Kids Life Skills

Have you struggled with teaching kids about friendships?  Making friends (and keeping them) are important life skills to have.  Here are some simple ways to help teach your child about being a good friend.  We at Kids Activities Blog  know the importance of friendship because the only way to have a friend is to be a friend. TEACHING KIDS Having…

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