Our Methodology

What makes our Academy stand out is a clear vision to offer a good value bilingual education.

Our Vision

We do believe in multiculturalism and multilingualism as an enriching factor. We acknowledge that all members of our community including children, families and teachers have rights and all interactions should include respect. Trust underpins all positive relationships that are fostered at Bilingual Genius Academy.

Empower children
Focus on developing
Create safe environment
Master learning bilingual practices
Build & foster community

Bilingual Genius Academy is a vibrant learning community where parents, children, teacher and school staff work together to create a rich bilingual environment that supports the development of, and adds to, each individual’s life compass.

This toolkit includes tools and materials that will help you implement strategies to facilitate this process and enhance a child’s transition to kindergarten.

Bilingual Genius Academy rely on best bilingual educational technology available. All classes have installed a large smart board which uses interactive software for children. The Academy is a proud provider of the most advance bilingual culturally relevant educational platform, Genius Plaza.

We do believe in blended learning, a balanced combination of great traditional teaching and cutting edge educational technology.

Bilingual Genius Academy is conveniently located in the heart of Clifton Park and it’s housed in a modern, energy efficient building. The building features ample classrooms for programs for infants through 12 years old. In the property it’s also located a fenced state of the art commercial grade playground. During the spring and summer two large inflatable bouncing houses are also used to entertain children outdoor.

Toys, educational materials and supplies are of the best quality at Bilingual Genius Academy. Rugs displaying English and Spanish phrases decorate the classrooms. Toys are kept stored in order and daily cleaned.

happy kids

Key Competencies

The ultimate goal is for children to employ the core competencies every day in school and in life.

Professional Bilingual Educational Method

Learn & Play

Personalized Care

Multicultural Community

Our Teachers

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